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[GEAR] Selling high end gear because you prefer your cheapest one

So I have that USA Gibson les Paul I bought used few years ago, and I was pretty cool with it until recently.
I played an epiphone casino in a shop, made in China, worth maybe half the price of the Gibson. But i dont know, she really had a thing, so I took her back home. It's been some time now and I can say I really enjoy it far more than my Les Paul, at a point where I decided to sell the Gibson.
I saw a lot of people on this sub wanting to upgrade, but I somewhat "downgraded" and I'm happier than ever with it !
Have you already had some similar experience where you ended up selling high end gear because you prefered some "cheaper" one ?
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What Jazz/Blues guitar should I get? (Semi-hollow archtop)

Hey guitar I'm looking to upgrade from the beginner guitar I've been rocking for a few years. I really like the double cut out style and have been considering a few models, maybe you can give me some advice. I was thinking about an Epiphone Casino or the Gretsch G5122DC Electromatic. I feel like the Gretsch is better then the Casino, but maybe you could recommend a model I've not even heard of! Thanks
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[QUESTION] Are the modern day Chinese Epiphone Casinos any good?

I've had a growing hankering to own a semi-acoustic and an Epiphone Casino has always been 'on the table' after watching every bit of old Beatles footage I can find on Youtube.
I don't have a guitar store nearby that has any Epiphones in stock to try out, so before I drive for 90minutes to give one a go, has anyone got any experience with the current guitars rolling off the Epiphone assembly line in the last few years? Can you give me the highlights and lowlights?
I keep thinking 'Epiphone were good enough for the Beatles, they'll be good enough for me', but then, 60's Epiphones weren't built in China. I've heard good things in general over the last few years about the quality of far eastern guitars but I've not actually played anything other than my American Strat for the last twelve.
Are modern Casinos up to their namesake's reputation?
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Epiphone Elitist Casino p90 Pickup Replacement [QUESTION]

Hey guys, I recently stumbled upon a basically new Epiphone Elitist Casino body/neck stripped of all of it's hardware for a really dumb low price of $300. I've always wanted one of these so I snatched it up. Not my first rebuild, won't be my last I'm sure.
The only part I am having difficulty deciding on/sourcing are the pickups. I have played both an Elitist and one of the LTD John Lennon 1965's and those Gibson USA P90's sounded very cool. I'm not looking for the most aggressive tone of all time, but I also want plenty of mid-range and umph (not necessarily vintage). I can't seem to find a source fo the Gibson USA P90's anywhere. Seems like what I want are the Lollar p90's. But read on...
Due to the metric Japanese measurements plus the Epiphone/ES 330's unique cavity and top curvature, nobody seems to sell a direct aftermarket drop in. There is only one pickup set I've found that is drops-in by Kent Armstrong. I can't find a single video or review of them anywhere. Not outrageous price ($120), but too much for the risk imho. I'd never even heard of them until I started looking so I'm apprehensive.
The pickups everyone raves about either the Seymore Duncan Antiquities ($230+ for a set) or the Lollar p90's that already have my attention ($230+ for a set). Surprisingly the GFS p90 pops up a lot as being pretty great, for only $70 for the set. p90's are easy and relatively cheap to adjust as you can swap magnets in seconds, so that GFS set is tempting as hell. However none of these are direct drop in replacements. They would require drilling new holes, or shims, or both. Which I am not totally against.
As a final third option, several people offer rewinding services on p90's. I could grab a cheap ass set of the china Epiphone imports for $30 direct, and then pay somebody to rewind them properly. Lollar charges $230 for that, so it's basically the cost of a new set that I could then drop-in. I've found another indie guy that will do it for $90, to Lollar's specs. I just don't know if it's a good idea to start from such a crappy base.
Anyone have any experience or guidance for me? Thank you!
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A small tour of Epiphone's Qingdao factory in China.

Doing some Googling, and stumbled on this page. I play a Casino, and was interested in getting a little more info.
Wanted to share because I found it quite interesting!
And what are your thoughts on made in China guitars from that past 5 years? From what I've read, QC has gone up dramatically. My Casino is a 2012 model, and I've got no complaints.
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Epiphone Casino Review Epiphone Casino • SN: 1212210776 - YouTube Epiphone Casino (Korea) - YouTube Epiphone Casino - Review!!! - YouTube Epiphone Casino Review - YouTube Epiphone Casino 2019 Epiphone Factory Tour in China [English Subs]〜室長が行く!エピフォン ... Epiphone Casino

Epiphone Casino VS, E-Gitarre, Semi-Acoustic, Body laminated Ahorn, Set Neck, Mahagoni Hals (Swietenia Macrophylla) mit Pau Ferro Griffbrett mit parallelogram Inlays, 2 Alnico P90 Pickups, chrome Hardware, Farbe Vintage... The Casino has been around for decades, first brought to worldwide fame by the Beatles. Since then, Epiphone’s production has moved around the globe a few times, first from America to Japan, then to Korea and now China. While some aficionados maintain that the Korean-made Epis of the 1990s were better made than the contemporary models coming out of the brand’s Chinese facilities, this ... A favorite of Gary Clark, Jr., Dwight Trash and, most famously, John Lennon, the Epiphone Casino is a true classic. With a fully hollow thinline body and punchy P-90s, the current reissue gets all the twang and scream of the original. Great for country, blues, jazz and lighter indie. Hard rockers, beware - that fully hollow body will feedback. Not necessarily a bad thing if you know how to ... Proudly Handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana by Gibson Acoustic Luthiers, the Made in the U.S.A. Epiphone Texan is built using a solid Sitka Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides, with a Rosewood fingerboard and bridge. LEARN MORE. Previous Next. Les Paul Special Tribute. $999. P-90 Single-Coil Pickups. Shop Now. 490 R/T Humbuckers . Shop Now. Product Demos. Britt Lightning demos the new Epiphone ... 2003: Die Elitist Casino kommt auf den Markt. hergestellt wird sie in Japan nach dem Muster der alten Casino's aus Kalamazoo. ab ca. 2007 werden einige Modelle in China hergestellt, andere noch in Korea. Seit 2008 werden alle Modelle in China gefertigt. Wissenswertes: Die Epiphone Casino ist nach dem Vorbild der Gibson ES-330 gebaut. Einzige ... 楽天市場-「エピフォン カジノ」117件 人気の商品を価格比較・ランキング・レビュー・口コミで検討できます。ご購入でポイント取得がお得。セール商品・送料無料商品も多数。「あす楽」なら翌日お届けも可能です。 I own a Chinese Casino Coupe made in 2014. It's superb, plus you must keep in mind this is a $450 (or less) guitar. The only change I made was to drop in vintage style Grovers but the original tuners worked fine. I recommend this model. The Epiphones from China are made specifically for Gibson/Epiphone so the QC is quite good. Ken Epiphone Casino China Opiniones, black jack ep 1 eng sub, diretta torneo poker nova gorica, tetris game. This Online Casino website is hosted in Nevada and is a free-to-play website with no real money online gaming supported. Yes, you will definitely get a chance to win big on online slots, you Epiphone Casino China Opiniones can use online slots to keep winning and inspiring yourself to place ... Roulette. This casino table game is just as exciting to play online. Roulette requires no skill Epiphone Casino Korea Vs China to play, although it is helpful to learn the best bets to make.Live dealer roulette is Epiphone Casino Korea Vs China the most exciting game to play on online casinos, but bettors can find other roulette games to play online, too. Beyond 1969, Casino manufacture was moved to Japan, and later Korea and China. These guitars, although still adequate instruments, are not to the same standard as the real Casinos produced in the 1960s. The current Casinos are good entry-level and intermediate instruments and are still one of Epiphones best-selling guitar models. 1967 or 1968 Epiphone Casino Cherry Red E230TDC Staten Island ...

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Epiphone Casino Review

Lee checks out the lovely Epiphone Casino which will happily give you Jazz, Rock and Country tones and a whole lot more! Check it out our great price here. h... Epiphone Factory Tour in China〜室長が行く!エピフォン中国青島工場【デジマート・マガジン特集】http://www.digimart.net/magazine/article ... Okko Diabo Overdrive, 1966 Fender Vibrolux Reverb blackface original. www.gregorhilden.de THIS GUITAR HAS SOLD!! CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO CHECK OUT MORE!!! Epiphone has made a name for itself by producing some of the greatest and most innovative mu... Comparing the Epiphone Casino, Sheraton and Dot 335 - Nick from Gibson at PMT - Duration: 3:21. PMTVUK 447,645 views. 3:21. TOP 20 ROCK GUITAR SOLOS OF ALL TIME - Duration: 18:00. ... Epiphone Casino 2019, turquoise, made in China. Epiphone Casino pelham blue from 1967 presented by Vintage Guitar Oldenburg and Tobias Hoffmann - Duration: 2:34. Vintage Guitar Oldenburg 10,817 views Ephiphone Casino 2018 Made in China - Demonstration - Duration: 3:28. Music&Arts Haltern 8,279 views. 3:28. ... Epiphone Casino Semi Acoustic Guitar Review Issue 44 Guitar Interactive Magazine ... Welcome to a Tuesday Gearday review her at SCHOPFIELD MUSIC!!!!This Week, Napoleon is reviewing his 2018 Epiphone Casino! a great Hollow Body guitar with P-...